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High Speed Rail Oct. 23rd, 2014 @ 08:00 am
Why America should adopt high speed rail - a list.

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Oct. 23rd, 2014 @ 07:54 am
Amen to all of these, [profile] bart_calendar!

Things the entire world understands - except America

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Nightmare Oct. 20th, 2014 @ 04:48 pm
I had a nightmare last night. First one in years. Even though apparently, I don't experience nightmares the same way as I used to. Used to be, I'd get so scared I'd try to scratch and claw my way out of my brain (not literally) and then wake up with a start, surprised at my success, and shaking; it would take a few seconds to realize I wasn't in danger anymore.

Now, however, it appears that I have some kind of detachment even in nightmares. A part of me knew I was dreaming, and so instead of getting worked up to the point where I was scratching to get out of my brain, I simply did the equivalent of "Nope. All aboard the Nope Train to Nopesville." Woke up just as calmly as usual, aside from the "Holy shit, what a nightmare" thought, the lingering memories of the nightmare, and finally deciding to stay up.

So what was the nightmare? Okay, I guess I'll tell you.

I was living in the old piece of shit house we used to live in Wiota, the one out in the middle of nowhere practically. (If I had a dime for every dream that took place there, I could buy a solid gold wristwatch.) At first, I was on my bike out by the farthest-away sheep pens (close to the big metal shed our landlord kept his old tractors in), and I saw a car pull in to the driveway. I didn't recognize it, but I wasn't terribly concerned at first; we lived right by a highway, people were often using our driveway to turn around in, and our landlord sometimes had other people over with him. It wasn't until I recognized them that I began to get concerned.

When I say I recognized them, I don't mean they were real people. I meant that I had one of those "the plot fills itself in via Just Knowing Things" moments. So I Just Knew that these two people were with a particularly nasty "Christian" sect in the dream's world that makes the Westboro Baptists look like pleasant people. I got on my bike and immediately sped to the door and got inside, locking the door. A woman got out of the car; aside from the terrifying look in her face, she looked like a harmless 50-something grandma lady. She came to the door, and... well, the next part is hard to explain in text, but basically she began talking to me through the door, even though I was hidden by a curtain over the door's window. She sounded calm, but she had something evil in her voice; she was Right, and anyone who wasn't a part of her sect was an infidel worthy of death. As she's talking, and I'm getting more and more scared, she unlocks the outside door somehow, and starts to work on the inside door. She gets it open finally, and I slam the door shut on her and re-lock it, then stick a chair under the door. But I get the sense that she is going to find a way in, and I don't know what she's going to do, but it isn't good. I grabbed my phone and called 911 and was sobbing in fear as I told the dispatcher what was going on, who was at my door and what she was doing. (Note: my dream self was being a lot more emotional than the part of me that was watching the dream.)

It was about that time my brain went "Nope, fuck that crap," and woke me up. The dream scared me so much that I was having thoughts like "If I was in that house again, I would buy a gun, put bars on all the windows, invest in deadbolts and various other locks that can't be undone from the outside, and probably a 20-foot tall chain link fence all around the property, with razor wire around the top, and one of those fancy rich-people electronic gates with an armed guard in his little guard box. Oh yeah, and a secret escape tunnel." But that wasn't enough, because I Just Knew that if she couldn't get in and kill me in person, she would just set the house on fire with me in it.

I couldn't sleep after that dream. I tried continuing the dream in my mind's eye with me pulling out a gun and shooting her in self defense, then taking my family and moving somewhere in the city with lots of concerned neighbors keeping an eye out, but part of the information in the "You Just Know Things" download of the dream told me that we had done something to piss them off (even if that was just as simple as being noticed by them), and even if the scary woman who tried breaking into our house was killed, they would just send others after us. I'm not sure even Witness Protection would have been enough.

So yeah, I have had dreams with hideous inhuman beasts stalking in the shadows, and I was just like "Cool!" But somebody's scary grandmother from an extremist Christian sect, that's the REAL monster. Probably because she was actually a realistic threat; there very well could be someone or even a group of someones just like her, out in the world. So it's no wonder I couldn't get back to sleep, when part of me wanted to bar the windows of the apartment and buy a gun just in case she was real.

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Helping people feels good Aug. 1st, 2014 @ 09:07 pm
Back in June, I walked by this homeless girl who spanges (spange = asking for spare change) in front of the FredMeyer's on Hawthorne, and she was not wearing any shoes. At first, I thought she had no shoes. As it turned out, she did have a pair, but they were not long for this world, and were uncomfortable flats. So it hurt her feet less to stand barefoot on the pavement in the middle of June than to wear the shoes. I had to help her.

I tried to get her some shoes at Goodwill, but by then they were closed, so I told her I'd get her some later. A couple days later, I went to Payless and got two pairs of sneakers for her (figured she could use something comfortable). I didn't want to go to Payless, because frankly their shoes suck. I barely walk in my shoes at all and Payless shoes are doing good to last me a year. I figure the way she uses them, she might get 6 months apiece out of them before they fall apart. Oh well, gives me time to save up to get her a decent pair. Maybe some Crocs. Ugly as all fuck, Crocs are, but damn they're well made. I have a friend whose pair of Crocs have lasted her at least 2 years and are still going strong. I have a pair of sandals made by the same company, which are both well made and look good.

Anyway, tried finding her that same day, could not find her. Every few days until yesterday I would try to find her, always to no avail. Finally ran into her today and gave her the shoes, and a dollar. She was very happy to get them. We talked a bit, and she confirmed something my roommate has been telling me; people this last month or two have been real assholes to homeless people, and stingy bastards to boot. Normally, spanging gets my roomie about $10 an hour, more or less, but lately she's doing good to make $2 an hour. (This is the same roommate who has applied to over 900 jobs in 2 or 3 years and ain't got squat to show for it.)

So please, people, if you don't have any money to give those less fortunate than yourself, you can wish them luck, give them a smile, tell them a good joke, do something to make their job a little less miserable, because good gods... from what I understand, it's like working retail, but the pay sucks even worse, the people tend to be more horrible, it's outdoors in the blazing hot sun or the freezing rain, standing for hours on hard cement. These people would rather be doing anything else, you know, but they have to do this because it's the only thing they can do, because everything else they've tried has failed. They are not lazy; hell, they deserve awards for the gruelling fucking work they do, on their feet all day with fuck-all to show for it most says.

Even if all you can do is wish them luck, please do so. There was one time I was broke myself, I wished this one guy luck. Came back that way hours later and he had a smile on his face as he thanked me for wishing him luck, because it worked, he made a lot more than he usually did that day. (A simple spell, wishing luck; something good happens after you wish them luck, their belief is supported, which reinforces the spell, and their elevated mood affects those around them, making them more generous.)

Anyway, I like helping people. It makes me feel good; especially people I know and like. Because I'm an empath, and with people I like and people I love, their pain is my pain, only worse; and their happiness is my happiness, only better. I know I'm already letting a friend of mine live with me basically rent free, but helping this other girl feels really good too, because she's one of Lily's friends, and now she's one of mine too.

But yeah, at least be polite. Better to say nothing at all than to be a raging sack of second-hand, syphilitic dildos. Spread some goodness in the world.

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» Molly Specs
Two drawings under the cut )

Top picture: "Molly Specs," a picture I drew of my inner child Molly Elizabeth, a blonde, blue-eyed, 7 year old member of the Djao'Mor'Terra Collective.

Bottom picture: A close up of Molly's face from the first picture.

Click pictures for larger versions.

EDITED TO ADD: If not for their large size and the servers not liking those large sizes, I would have included the full version of the picture, which includes a wooden dresser drawer that I spent about an hour or two drawing. Oh well.

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» Postal worker slacking on the job
I often get mail intended for other people, since a lot of people have lived here over the years. But today I saw something that makes me wish I could have gotten a clearer picture of it. In my mailbox today was a piece of mail that not only was addressed to someone nowhere NEAR being close to my name, but was addressed to an entirely different CITY. Not even a city in the Portland metro area! I forget what city it was.

What was worse, someone had stuck a yellow forwarding address sticker with my name and address on it, which made me go WTF and take a picture of it. I was gonna black out the names and everything about the addresses but the cities, but didn’t find out til just now that the picture was too blurry. I X’d out the forwarding address sticker, then circled the original address and wrote above the circle “Really? Did you even try?”

I give the people at the post office zero stars, they have brought down the collective IQ of the country 1 point with this fuckery.

Edit: Retrieved it. Picture under the cut.

Ima cut you )

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» Funny mental image
 My friend Brooke and I often play this game with one another called "Good news, Bad news," which is a bit like "would you press the button" but you don't get a choice whether it would happen, just imagine what it would be like if it did.

I have a species of people in my main scifi universe, they are called Ah'Koi Bahnis. They are hermaphrodites with a long green, retractable, prehensile penis that looks like a snake or a worm or a tentacle without suckers, which is called a grahbihn. (Click that link for a demonstrative picture.) Most of my friends know about the Ah'Koi Bahnis, and my fascination with the culture and religion I made for them, to the point that I adopted it as my own. And I had thought Brooke was one of the friends who knew I wanted to be an Ah'Koi Bahnis, but either I was wrong or she forgot.

Anyway, so last night Brooke gave me one of those Good News/Bad News pronouncements. What follows is a lot of paraphrasing:

Brooke: Good news: You have the female-looking body you want. Bad news: You have a grahbihn.
Me: ...
Me: How is that bad news? They're retractable, so I would just look like a cis woman. Besides, I would love to have one.
Brooke, recovering quickly: Well it would be hard to explain to a gynecologist. And you just KNOW he or she would find something "off" about your anatomy.
Me: LOL, good point. I can just picture him poking around down there, being like "What's this?" and accidentally triggering it coming out and wrapping around his head in self-defense or something. Poor man would be psychologically scarred for life. *laughing*
Brooke: He'd be like "WHAT ARE YOU?" He'd call security and you'd end up in Area 51 being studied.

To which she just recently added: "BTW, the you with a grabahn(sp?) bit from last night? Just occured to me that you could be charged with "carrying a concealed weapon" "

I then had to explain that it's called a grahbihn, with an i, and that Grahbahn with an a is the name of the Deity of Life. Further explained that "grah" means "worm," "bahn" means "person," and "bihn" means something along the lines of "thing" or "member." So grahbihn with an i = "worm thing/ worm member." Grahbahn with an a = "Worm Person."

EDIT: Actually, [personal profile] kengr, it occurs to me now just how right you are. With a body like that, I would not look like a cis woman, at least not on closer inspection. I wouldn't have a clitoris!


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» "Cisphobia"

What was meant to be a simple 3-sentence post mocking the bullshit Tumblr complaint of "cisphobia" turned into a rant:

OMG! People getting called bad names and getting vitriol in their general but not specific direction on the Internet because of their gender identity! Gee, I wonder what that would feel like?

Seriously, guys, don't complain until you start getting harassment in meatspace about it, or beat up physically because you used the "wrong" bathroom. Or if you can't find any cis people in media who aren't played as complete jokes. Talk to me if trans people start murdering cis people just for being cis. Or start harassing, beating up, or murdering other trans people because they thought they were cis. Talk to me when your only worth to most people is because cis people are their fetish the same way feet or shoes are, reduced down to a sexual object just because of your gender expression. Talk to me when you can't get through the week without trans people asking you what your "real name" is, or asking deeply personal questions about your genitals without any permission or preamble, and then getting offended when you tell them you're not going to answer. Talk to me when trans people demand to see "proof" that you're cis, asking to see your genitals and/or breasts, touching you without permission, and/or raping/murdering you if you refuse. Talk to me when you're constantly being called a liar whenever you talk about yourself; when you get strange looks wherever you go; when people stage whisper or openly speculate about your "real" gender when they walk by, without even pretending to give a shit that you can hear them.

Talk to me when you try to date someone, you hit it off with them, it looks like you might get laid, then you tell them your gender identity and they look at you like you're a sack of maggots and condescendingly tell you that they can't date you because your genitals are "wrong." Or just as bad, treat you like a mentally retarded child and tell you you're a freak gently.

Talk to me when being cis can get you fired from your job, or not even considered for employment. Talk to me about it when being cis means that people paid to help you survive, such as government welfare workers, treat you like something less important than a dog with fleas.

Complain about cisphobia to me when you can be made to feel your life is in danger at your workplace because - even though you're going stealth - a police officer tells you he knows you're a "faggot queer" and he's "going to be keeping an eye on you," just because your pants and shoes are a tiny bit nonconforming.

Tell me all about cisphobia when you spend a large chunk of every day feeling unsafe, outcast, loveless, unlovable, despised, the butt of jokes, a freak, unnatural, and berated.

Tell me about it when you finally find a safe place you can be yourself without all the hatred, cruelty, harassment, bullying, belittling, and laughter at your expense, only to have the same people who make your life Hell invade your safe space, respond to everything you say to your fellow cis people as though you were talking directly to your tormentors, take everything you say about your tormentors personally as though you were accusing them personally of doing every single thing you complained about.

Tell me all about cisphobia when you respond to those people invading your safe places, saying they don't belong there and begging them to stop responding to messages that are not aimed at them, and to please leave you alone, because they're taking away the one good thing you've found in your life, and they refuse because they can't seem to be satisfied unless they're fucking with you every moment of your life wherever you go. Then watch as they get angry and scream at you as though you had initiated the abuse, as though it was you who were pursuing them wherever they went, when it was THEY who chose to come into YOUR territory and piss on everything to claim it as their own because God forbid you have anywhere at all to exist, you fucking worthless freak.

Please, talk to me about cisphobia when everything you say to try to get rid of these pesky invaders is twisted out of context so that literally everything you say is somehow a personal attack against them. Talk to me about how oppressed you are when these people make up lies about your safe spaces and what goes on in them, to make your safe spaces look like some moral cesspit just because you had the audacity to TALK ABOUT THE SHIT YOU'VE GONE THROUGH YOUR ENTIRE FUCKING LIFE, to other people who have been going through the same ordeals!

Tell me all about cisphobia when you can't go anywhere to talk about the crap trans people put you through for being cis without trans people making everything about them, and constantly barraging you with "not all trans people are like that!" Tell me about it when you laugh at the stupidity of it all, that they can't seem to realize that telling you "not all trans people are like that!" automatically contradicts their statement because by assaulting you in your safe space with that sentiment IS harassment, IS abuse, and DOES ABSOLUTELY turn them into the very people they claim not to be!

Yes, please do tell me all about cisphobia when literally everything has to be about trans people, because "you cis freaks" aren't allowed opinions or safe places because you SHOULDN'T EVEN EXIST, because you are a perversion of nature, sinful, Satanic, a pedophile, or worse!

Tell me about cisphobia when trans people who claim to be "cis allies" won't let you talk for yourself, THEY must talk FOR you, because they think you're too stupid to use big words, and/or your opinion is worthless, only THEIR opinion counts. And then when you call them out on this bullshit, they withdraw their support and treat you the same as the rest of your tormentors, proving they were never allies to begin with. Because they want to do all the work for you and how dare you have to audacity to try to deprive them of yet another opportunity to make absolutely sure they are the center of attention at all times!

Complain all you like to me when your supposed "cis allies" make HUGE profits off half-assed attempts to bring "awareness" to the "cis struggle" with merchandise and albums and concerts and tours and so on, and keep all that money to themselves, or give it away to groups that don't do JACK SHIT to make anything any better for anyone but themselves, when there are SO many ways that money could help: cis kids living on the streets after being kicked out by their parents, prostituting themselves because it's the only way they can find to make money; cis people living on poverty wages at a job that makes them sick to their stomach every day, and unable to change their lot for the better because it's the only job that will hire them; cis people being murdered for being cis left right and center but the "allies" say nothing about that; cis kids being bullied in school, going home with bloody noses and a mess of bruises every day only to come home to their parents telling them they have to change who they are to prevent more beatings; and so many things besides.

Complain to me about cisphobia when nobody will hire cis actors or actresses for roles, even to play cis characters. Tell me how, when you try to complain about the discriminatory and offensive practice of cis people not getting to play even cis characters, everyone tells you you're "too sensitive" and how you should be grateful that "such a good actor" was chosen for the role, even though as a trans person he has NO FUCKING IDEA the shit you've gone through your whole life, and so HOW THE HELL could he *possibly* play a cis character properly? Tell me, when you campaign for cis actors to play cis characters, about how you're sneered at, scoffed at, laughed at, and basically told to shut the fuck up already, because nobody fucking cares about cis actors except "some stupid social justice warriors" on Tumblr.

Bitch at me about cisphobia when, upon being raped for being cis, you're told it was your fault for "lying" about yourself, and "leading them on." Cry at me about cisphobia when cis people are being murdered at several times the rate of trans people, and not a single one of those murders is on the 5 o'clock news, and the ONLY media outlets covering the story AT ALL are online, and even you only found out about it yourself because of a "social justice warrior" post on Tumblr.

Scream at me about cisphobia when the ONE cis actress in the public spotlight, who has won awards and been nominated for others, who fights for cis rights and is a WONDERFUL human being, gets voted onto Time magazine's "100 Most Influential People" by NINETY PERCENT, basically a fucking LANDSLIDE, and then the magazine COMPLETELY DISREGARDS this vote and chooses some fucking tinpot dictator and some vapid pop stars to put in the magazine instead. Tell me about cisphobia when your screams of protest at this outrage are met with silence at best, and acidic vitriol or death threats at worst.

Tell me all about cisphobia when your entire existence is either shit on, ignored, or erased. Let me know when even Left-leaning liberal entertainers are using cis people as the punchline of a joke. Tell me about it when your understandable RAGE at EVERY FUCKING THING that has happened to you and your fellows because of your gender identity is cited as proof that you are an over-emotional, super-sensitive, trans-phobic bigot. Tell me about cisphobia when your hyperbole statements of frustration about your trans oppressors, in a conversation between just you and your fellow cis people, is twisted out of context into "OMG that was a death threat!" and cited as proof that you are "just as bad" as the people you are complaining about, even by people you thought were cool before. Because, once again, absolutely everything must be about your oppressors, because the sun shines out their assholes and you're just this little worthless freak.

Then, and ONLY then, will you have a right to complain about cisphobia, and don't you DARE talk to me about it until that day comes. But know that if that ever does happens, I will listen to you and I will be there for you even though you weren't there for me. Because it is the right thing to do.

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» Test
Installed Ubuntu on the desktop. Testing Drivel.

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» Mothereffing joy of joys
(Started writing this about 8:30 am)
Temporarily given up on sleep because for the past hour and a half, Alex has been ranting at me inside my head and would not shut the fuck up. Granted, the things he was saying were excellent points, about the options for cell phones, but they're things he should have thought of earlier when we at the Verizon store. (Though he wasn't the only issue... my CPAP mask was hurting me enough that I couldn't have slept anyway, and I have come to begin realizing that's a sign that I'm not going to get any sleep any time soon, because when it happens I'm not actually tired enough to ignore the pain. And there's always pain; motherfucking mask always hurts. Doesn't fucking matter how I adjust it, it always either hurts or it makes loud fart-like noises every 10 seconds or so. There is literally no way to wear the fucker that doesn't hurt or make fart noises, and the only sleep I can get is when I'm so fucking tired my body ignores the pain.)

I suppose I might as well give y'all the gist of his rant:

So basically these are our options, cell-phone wise:

1. Place a bet that my life and financial situation will remain stable for two years, to get a phone for "free."
A. If I lose that bet by, for instance, the new manager they hire being a homophobe/transphobe and making up some bullshit to get me evicted (as the current manager of the last place I lived at attempted to do and failed) and moving somewhere I can barely afford again, then I either have to shell out a $200 early termination fee (and the resultant umpteenth black mark on my already poor credit), or continue paying the monthly rate and risk getting into a situation where my electricity would be shut off for non payment, or threatened with eviction for not paying the water bill or whatever.

B. Even if I do win the bet, I still get the shaft because my poor credit basically ensures that I will be charged a several hundred dollar deposit - and I use that term loosely because it's been my experience from working for cell phone companies that nobody ever gets that money back, so that's basically a lose-lose situation, and all I get out of it is 2 years of phone service. Whoop dee fucking doo. They get several hundred dollars out of me and several hundred more over the course of two years via the monthly fee, and all I get is something that I'm no longer sure is worth being financially fucked up the ass with a proverbial cactus for.

2. Shell out $80 or more for a pre-paid Verizon phone, only get 10 minutes of talk time at that price, pay an extra $35 to get the plan's full minutes and text messages, for an initial first-month's total of $115, and that's assuming there's no deposit on that bullshit, because I don't actually know if there would be a deposit on that or not. Only up-sides: A. Slightly cheaper. B. No early termination bullshit.
3. Buy a new Tracfone, or reactivate my old one and pay absurd amounts of money for "units" from which both talk time AND text messages are taken. Last I knew, 120 "units" cost $60. That's 120 minutes of talk like for $60. So that option is complete bullshit. CORRECTION: 120 minutes for $29.99, actually. And if I took the time, effort, and money to find one of their fabled "triple-minute phones," it would actually get me 390 minutes. There's also the 1-year card for $99.99, with 1050 minutes total if I put it on my old double-minute phone, and 1450 minutes if I bought a triple-minute phone. Which is the same amount of minutes as 4 and 5.8 months worth of my Assurance Wireless phone's time, respectively.
4. Keep the piece-of-shit free phone I have now and just add money to the thing in case I go over the free allotment.

Of these four shitty options, I *think* a pre-paid Verizon phone is the least objectionable, assuming there isn't some other bullshit I haven't found out about yet. After all, the ones I was looking at were like, either 500 or 700 minutes per month plus unlimited texting for $35/month. So despite a potentially high initial cost, which may force me to drop some things from my budget for the month, that may be the best bet. Because I really don't feel like paying them hundreds of dollars for a fucking deposit they'd charge me for bullshit I really had no fucking control over, money I will never fucking see ever again, and then risking shelling out hundreds more if my life goes down the shitter again for some reason. I do hope for the best, but I don't bet on it.

EDIT: Oh yeah, and I also need to find room in the budget for some thick black curtains, because I have two fucking windows in my tiny bedroom and if I don't get some fucking curtains, I am going to have to nail goddamn plywood sheets to the inside of my windows because that bright-ass piece of 1000% pure bullshit in the daytime sky is leaking its filth all over me when I'm trying to sleep. I have blinds, but blinds suck ebola-infected donkey cock.

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» The Affordable Care Act is not affordable
When I informed a friend of mine of the coming deadline to start signing up for some kind of health care, and gave her a link to the one that HealthCare.gov referred me to for her, she told me after reading through it and other things that she can't afford it. Because the only options are either:

1. Paying a monthly premium. Which requires money. She doesn't have a job, despite a LOT of looking for years. So she can't afford that option.

2. Paying a very high copay every time she goes to the doctor, which she also cannot afford.

And this kind of thing is why I've said all along that the ACA should be repealed and the original draft re-entered and voted upon, because after the Republican bastards had their way with the ACA, it looked nothing like Obama's original plan. It is such a fucking mockery of its former self that I am astonished Obama actually seems to take pride in passing it.

Under the original draft, the ACA would have given us a single-payer, tax-funded public healthcare system like Canada and the UK have. But under the draft that got passed, such is not the case. What we got instead is a law requiring the purchase of some sort of health care. And while insurance companies are no longer allowed to deny anyone health care, they can still charge three times or more the usual premium for people with pre-existing conditions. And now come to find out that even the options marketed to the poor are not affordable to everyone.

Oh, and she pointed out that requiring someone to purchase anything is unconstitutional. I don't know if that applies to car insurance too, but since you don't have to have car insurance if you don't have a car, I guess they squeak by under that technicality. But yeah, saying "Health insurance is good for you. You are now required to buy it." is highly unconstitutional. I do so hope that somebody challenges that in the Supreme Court.

Seriously, I was all for the ACA when it was first proposed. But ever since the Republicans basically fucked it over seventeen ways from Sunday, I have hated it. Because now the only way my friend is going to be able to get actually affordable health care is if she qualifies for the same state program I'm on, that pays my Medicare premium for me. Otherwise there's no effing way she can afford it.

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» Idea I had
The fact that a lot of these eye glass charities require a prescription before they can help you gave me an idea for an invention I wish I had the skills to build. It's a computerized visor type thing you put over your eyes, and then you press a button and it does this computerized automated eye exam, asking you to read the lines and so on, then adjusts its display until you can see properly. When that's done, it emails you a copy of your prescription, you print it out, and take it in to a store or charity, and they can use that to get you glasses. There would be places where you could rent the use of one of these things for like $10 or something, and maybe even some of the charities could buy one to better help people.

Hell, if you had the money and were geeky enough, you could buy a pair to use as glasses. Maybe make it look like Geordi's visor. And the plus side to one of those as glasses would be that if your prescription changes, just have it perform another eye exam on you so it knows what display options you need. You'd never have to buy another pair of glasses ever again!

Oh, and maybe options for legally blind people, that would magnify specific areas or the whole display if needed. And for color-blind people, the computer could identify colors and tell you when a light was green or whatever. Could make it so that color-blind people could drive with almost as much ease as normally sighted people do. Oooh! And if you needed it to, maybe it could read text for you. Though that might be tricky to work out how to do...

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» Cleansing
There's more than one way to hog-tie a rhinoceros, as I am saying just now. Anyway, the reason I say that is, don't go believing you have to chant and smudge sage in a new home to cleanse it. I cleansed the new apartment of negative energy simply by powering up my Shao'Kehn fire, seeing myself in my inner eye as having chaos fire coming from my arms and eyes and mouth, shining the weird light of chaos fire over every nook and cranny of the apartment as I walked through it, and set up wards of protection at the same time with burning sigils and a web of veins of fire. And then the walls (the parts not ablaze, anyway) briefly took on the appearance of Creation Onyx. I felt it become Home, safe and pure, within just 5 minutes or less.

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» Free eye exam?
My roommate badly needs glasses. She could afford the glasses, but doesn't have the money to get a prescription, which would cost around $200, and has no health insurance. Does anyone know where she could go to get a free or really cheap eye exam and glasses prescription? Location: Portland, Oregon.

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» Inspiration
Oh gods I love it when I get inspiration for new stories in my mythos. I have this great one now that will turn Grahbahn (deity of Life) into a dying/resurrecting deity whose sacrifice is more meaningful than Jesus's. She will be sacrificing Herself so life does not cease to have ever existed!

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» Dream last night
Had a dream last night that I went out waaaay in Beaverton, Hillsboro, or Gresham (directions were a bit weird in the dream) to visit a friend, and attempting to find my way back, I got very lost. Wandered through street fairs and parades, wandered out along highways with lone gas stations, even wandered barefoot for a while, all in the search for a bus line I recognized. Finally found a bus that took me to a stop for the 9, and then found the MAX. Woke up before I got home, but at least I wasn't lost anymore.

Funny thing is, I doubt it could happen in real life. My visual memory is powerful enough that I almost always recognize where I've been. In the dream I was lost for hours and hours, but in real life I doubt I'd be lost for more than 15 minutes. In fact, I remember that once I noticed this ability, I started testing it, started TRYING to get lost to see if I could do it, and nope. Always knew where I'd been, where I was in relation to where I'd been, always knew where I'd turned and what direction I had turned, and by then had a good enough idea of where the nearby bus lines were that I was never lost for more than 15 minutes. Hell, most of the time I wasn't lost at all. I could not have told you what any of the streets were named, but I knew where I was in relation to where I had been, and I knew how to get back to more familiar territory. I believe I even wrote LJ entries about it, under the tag "adventures in getting lost."

Oh sure, when I first moved to town I got lost a bunch of times, but never so badly that I needed more than a little help from passing strangers, or Brooke. And even then I think it was mostly to save time.

Anyway, so the hypothesis was confirmed. I'd like to try more of it, but I would have to get my legs back in shape first.

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» WTF?
From an entry about the extinct Pyrenean Ibex:

"Although it is technically extinct, scientists were able to successfully implant its DNA into a coat. Alas, it was alive!… for seven minutes."

Into a... a coat? What? @_@ That makes no sense.

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» McAfee again
Well, McAfee survived the purge. I looked up how to get rid of it again, went with one that was not tied to the company. Turns out I had to not only uninstall it, but also remove it from each browser in turn (though some seemed to not have it), by removing it from the search bar thingy. For each account, including the guest account. Speaking of which, now that Amy has her own account, I have turned off the guest account.

So as far as I can tell, it is entirely purged from all accounts. I will not be pressing charges this time, but if I do see it again, I may reconsider.

It's like cockroaches! Kill em one place, they keep coming back. Hopefully I got the last of that bastard program.

Relevant icon is relevant.

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» Saint Vincent de Paul
So to get food from the food boxes place run by Saint Vincent de Paul of Portland, you have to call them and answer some questions. If you don't, then you get less food if you just drop in without calling. The problem with this is that EVERY EFFING TIME that I call, it takes a fucking half an hour on hold, and I rarely get through at all. I just gave up after being on hold for FORTY FUCKING MINUTES. I only had 60 minutes left on that phone to begin with.

I know I keep saying this, but I've had it. I am not calling them again. I found an email address and I'm trying that. I hope it works, because I am not wasting my precious time again on those pointless calls.

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